Standing Class using Indian Clubs every Friday morning at 10am on Portobello Beach

Pilates Mat Classes

Tuesdays 7.30-8.30pm Ball Class


Wednesdays 7.30-8.30 Advanced 


Saturdays 9-10am Advanced


Mat Classes

Matwork is the term given to non-equipment based Pilates.

Each class is designed to be fun without compromising excellence in teaching.   Classes are booked on a monthly basis & last either 30 minutes or an hour.

Small Apparatus Class:

A general level class using therabands, small balls & rollers to help & hinder(!) in the class. You will need a band, ball & roller - all of which are readily available online.

Ball Class:

This class requires you to have a large Swiss/Pilates ball.  It is a good Intermediate level class.

Advanced Class: 

Experience is definitely required!

Other Classes

Mondays 8-9 GYROKINESIS®


Fridays 8.30-9.30 Yoga


Fridays 10-11 Indian Club Swinging

by donation


This class begins seated on a stool or armless chair & moves down to the mat. It is the perfect way to start the week!

All levels

Wake Up Class:

A short fusion of yoga & Pilates to get you moving for the day.  Begins on a stool or chair 

All levels


A slow moving, thoughtful class looking at yoga postures in relation to anatomy.

All levels

Indian Club Swinging:

An outdoor standing class using Indian Clubs.  If you don't own Indian Clubs, please bring x2 long-necked bottles filled with water to weigh 1lb/bottle

Private Classes

£50/hour 121

Private Classes

Private classes are offered in all disciplines (Pilates, GYROTONIC® method & Yoga)& are a great way to have the teacher's undivided attention for an hour: great for those who like a more focussed teaching experience or who want to problem solve specific issues.

Classes are available on an appointment system & are subject to my availability.

Please email to book!

Studio Classes


classes available on a

Tuesday at 9.30, 10.45 & 12 midday

Wednesday at 10.30

Saturday at 10.30 & 11.45

Studio Classes

Our fully equipped studio contains all the specialised apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates himself including the Universal Reformer, the Cadillac, the Wunda Chair, the Ladder Barrel, the Spine Corrector and the Small Barrel.

Classes are designed to suit the individual, with each person having their own programme which is constantly monitored & updated.

Classes are booked in groups of up to 3 and last an hour

Please email to book!

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