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How Virtual Classes Work

Virtual classes work exactly the same as my regular matwork classes except they are on-line!  So you can drop-in or pay for a course - you just don't have to make the trek to my studio, making it more accessible to those living further afield.  You can also sign up for multiple classes, so you could start to build that daily practice that's been on your 'to-do' list for so long.  

All you need to get started is a computer/tablet/suitable device with Zoom installed, reliable internet access & somewhere to lay out your mat.  You don't need anything fancy - a camping mat will do.  You will also need a chair as some of the exercises will be seated.  Again, just an ordinary chair/stool from the kitchen will be grand.  Then you need to set yourself up so you can see your device from where your mat is.

Once you have booked in to the class or series of classes through our website & paid, you will be sent a link and then you just click the link to join the class.  

As with my regular classes, there is a discount for booking a series of classes.  

Classes are designed to get you moving for your day and are suitable for any level.  If you need my 121, we can organise that as well at a mutually convenient time.  Just get in touch.  

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