Online course + certification @ £2,500/person

Course Summary

On-line training for Pilates Matwork, delivered by Brigid McCarthy.

A 'virtual' apprenticeship, self-monitored 

Certification process 


Who is this Course aimed at?

Those who want to train to be Pilates teachers (full course)

Pilates teachers who want a “refresher” or to fulfil cpd requirements 

Advanced students who want to understand Pilates at a greater depth 

Course Content:

- breathing

- imprinting

- core stability

- full repertoire (beginners to advanced)

- class planning

- handling skills

- history

- teaching skills

- free access to on-line Pilates class

All manuals included


Apprenticeship (up to 12 months)

During this 6-12 month period prior to certification, students are asked to complete certain minimum requirements:

- 36 hours attending class

- 36 hours teaching practice

- attendance of weekly group tutorials

- completing a 6 hour First Aid Course (St Andrews/St Johns Ambulance)

- gaining appropriate insurance

- self study



Students will be informally assessed during the duration of the course..

Formal assessment consists of:

- submission of class plans

- written assessment

- teaching assessment

Successful students will be awarded a certificate from Brigid McCarthy Pilates Studio qualifying them to teach Fundamental Matwork from beginners to advanced (non-remedial). 


Minimum Entry Requirements

Minimum 6 months attendance of Pilates mat classes

basic computer skills

reasonable fitness level


Pre-Training (£50/hour or £25/hour for up to 4 people)

Students have the opportunity to book in with Brigid to do sessions designed to cover the repertoire required for the course.  Zoom sessions are available.

Other Information

The on-line format requires access to a computer/tablet with a camera, a printer and confidence working with tech!


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